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Fire Photos Liability Waiver
This form MUST be completed if you want your athlete to participate in the fire photos. Please go to the "individual sessions" link on my website to view sample photos and a behind the scenes of how we do our fire photos. You may also check out the digital album that is posted from HMSHS to see the previous fire photos taken

Late Order - Order Form
Please use this order form option only if your organization is not listed above. To keep cost down and quality high, I use a print company for your print orders. Due to the print company I use, there are minimum orders I can place. It often cost me 2-3X more than I charge to place single orders. To prevent this, I have created a package that will meet my requirements while not having to uncharge single items and still allow you to order prints. If you would prefer to purchase your digital image, it will include a print release that allows you to print those images at any print company of your choice.

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